Bathroom paint colors 2019: TOP SHADES and color combinations for BATHROOM

Modern interior of bathroom is amazing combination of rationalism of ideas and the highest state of comfort. Sometimes designers manage to present the most unexpected, but quite understandable and simple solutions, combining, it would seem, incongruous. Interior of bathroom as if begins to radiate invisible energy, creates unique atmosphere of tangible comfort: high-quality plumbing, skillfully selected in tone of tile furniture, presence of accessories. But let’s discuss bathroom paint colors 2019.

bathroom paint colors 2019, top colors for bathroom design 2019

Bathroom paint colors 2019: trendy colors

The most preferable bathroom paint colors 2019 are pastel colors of blue, green, beige. Secret is only how to use color: to continue chosen color scale in accessories or to build interior of bathroom on opposite accents.

bathroom paint colors 2019, blue bathroom, green bathroom

In process of creative search, remember that blue color relaxes and calms, green perfectly cope with effects of stress, nervous overexertion, and neutral beige and milky-white tones are calm.

If you want morning charge of vigor and energy, choose active red color and its hues. Necessarily repaint bathroom walls in rich red color or lay red tile. Use appropriate accessories, such as set of magenta or scarlet towels.

bathroom paint colors 2019, fashionable red bathroom

Glossy tile of light shades (actually, like glossy stretch ceilings) reflects light, visually expanding space, while matte narrows. In addition, tile in deep and saturated tones creates deception, visually reducing room. To correct situation will help mosaic tiles.

Contrasting alternation of light and dark tones visually expands space, and large-format tiles reduce it.

Bathroom paint colors 2019: black and white

This is the most actual combination of bathroom paint colors 2019. Contrasts can be traced in tiles, plumbing, and even in colors of mixers and accessories, for example, white shower compartment and black mixers.

bathroom paint colors 2019, black and white bathroom

Colored ceramics

In fashion includes colored ceramics, primarily shells. They can be black or, more rarely, colored, but necessarily clean, bright colors.

White color, unquestionably, plays first fiddle in design. It visually enlarges space and emphasizes purity, especially important for bathroom.

bathroom paint colors 2019, stylish white bathroom

White is better to combine with other colors, destroying monochrome and creating interesting combinations.

bathroom paint colors 2019, stylish gray bathroom

Gray color in bathroom decoration 2019 is also popular as never before. Game with gray-black-and-white gamma allows you to create unique interiors.

Interesting technique is to dilute reserved coldness of black and white room with wood inserts, so that room will appear warmer and more comfortable.

For those who prefer brighter colors, as an accent, it’s better to choose one of bold natural colors: lemon, emerald, turquoise, blue, amber.

bathroom paint colors 2019, emerald bathroom, lemon bathroom

Bathroom paints colors 2019: style and colors

The last decisive factor in choosing bathroom paints colors 2019 is style. Each style has its own color preferences.

For example, classical style requires sand, light yellow, light gray and greenish shades.

Japanese style implies presence of brown, peach and individual inclusions of black and red.

bathroom paint colors 2019, peach bathroom, lavender bathroom

The Mediterranean style uses terracotta and blue colors, French – white and lavender.

In English style, white color is combined with peach, and light green with pink, while often also plumbing is painted with floral pattern.

bathroom paint colors 2019, pink bathroom, metalized bathroom

In African style is preferable sandy and brown colors, as well as, leopard and tiger patterns on tile. All avant-garde styles are bright contrast: op-art is combination of black and white.

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