Bathroom ideas 2019: best trends and colors in bathroom designs for 2019


Bathroom is difficult to call the most important room in house, it’s no surprise that designers give it much less attention than, for example, living room or bedroom. However, many of us like to take water procedures and want to do it in stylish, cozy atmosphere. Therefore, we propose to talk about details on actual novelties in bathroom ideas 2019 and learn something useful for ourselves.

bathroom ideas 2019, best trends and colors in bathroom designs 2019

Bathroom ideas 2019: trendy styles

Room in one color and material

This trend was popular in the 80s of last century and now returns again, acquiring modern sound in bathroom ideas 2019.

Variants of finishing materials:

  • ceramic tile
  • mosaic
  • wood
  • decorative concrete

It is important that both floor, and walls, and ceiling be finished equally.

bathroom ideas 2019, bathroom design with ceramic tiles

It is also desirable to use monochrome color palette, but there may be exceptions. When choosing dark finish, you will certainly need to add contrasting elements: plumbing, decor, lamps, etc., otherwise bathroom interior will turn out to be too gloomy.

Decoration of ceiling with tiles is suitable for small bathrooms, and in spacious rooms, it is better to limit area above shower.

bathroom ideas 2019, ceiling design in bathroom trends 2019

Bathroom ideas 2019: stylish bathroom colors

Interior of bathroom designs 2019 should be functional and practical, you should select color scheme in which design will be executed.

White bathroom always remains at peak of popularity, as this shade doesn’t go out of fashion, it looks actual in bathroom ideas 2019. Thus, it is also worthwhile to find hinged cabinets and white faience. But in some cases, this choice may resemble hospital sterility, in order to avoid this, add a few natural shades or materials.

bathroom ideas 2019, white bathroom design

A suitable option would be:

  • wooden panels
  • curtains from natural wood
  • walls made of concrete
  • image of brickwork
  • floor tiles can repeat texture of stone
  • accessories from ceramics
  • plants in pots.

bathroom ideas 2019, bathroom with wooden panels

Modern ideas of bathroom interior offer options for decorating room in black and gray, while these shades usually look perfect with white.

You can apply gray color in texture of concrete, stone or chrome surface, it will look beautiful and unusual.

bathroom ideas 2019, fashionable grey bathroom

In current season, popular shades include:

  1. all shades of beige
  2. color of cappuccino
  3. truffle and concrete
  4. color of stone and brick
  5. color of natural wood.

bathroom ideas 2019, beige bathroom, cappuccino bathroom

Bathroom ideas 2019: stylish options

An interesting option for bathroom ideas 2019 for decorating floor will be wooden planks. It is also worthwhile to talk about other unusual materials.


Modern mosaic tiles became a hit this year, this decorative element is perfect with modern design motifs. Use mosaic to create floor in Byzantine style, and with help of such decorative element, you can create oriental and Mediterranean ornaments.

bathroom ideas 2019, mosaic bathroom 2019

Aged tiles

This decorative element is used to strengthen motives, or to soften them. Also, artificially aged tiles are increasingly used in design interiors of 2019 bathroom trends.


In modern ideas of interior of bathroom, you can see a combination of different decorative elements, create mix of different textures stylishly and unusual. Designers use a combination of loose ceramics and glossy enamel, as well as fluffy textiles and glossy surfaces.

bathroom ideas 2019, bathroom design with glossy surface

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