Bathroom designs 2019: best design solutions and shades of bathroom

The bathroom has its own climate environment, as well as functional specificity, possibilities, and limitations. Despite the fact that in this space we don’t spend as much time as in the living room or bedroom, it is simply impossible to do without it in modern reality. In the bathroom we have the opportunity to conduct all the necessary hygienic procedures, completely to retire and relax. Therefore it is important to make it cozy, attractive and practical. About how to make a stylish bathroom in accordance with modern trends read in our article about bathroom designs 2019.

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Bathroom designs 2019: design features

In addition to the fact that the room must fully meet all the practical tasks assigned to it, the aesthetic image remains extremely important. For the complete implementation of the bathroom designs 2019, designers are advised to adhere to such positions.

Space should be provided with space, good lighting, and provide it with an ergonomic layout. The need for space is met through the competent selection of a palette of colors, the use of glossy and mirror surfaces. Conceptual design, the relationship between all details, the clarity of lines and the contrast of color will create a harmonious design.

Strive to minimize the decorative elements, leaving only the most organic, because the presence in the interior of an object should be justified. Wet environment dictates the need for lining the bathroom with quality materials that are resistant to liquids.

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As a floor covering, designers often use ceramic granite, marble, travertine, ceramic and mosaic tiles. Sometimes it is possible to meet and parquet variations, but in this case, you should carefully protect the plane from the effects of moisture and liquids. A compromise variant is a plate with an imitation of a wood pattern.

bathroom designs 2019, marble floor bathroom, bathroom with mosaic tiles

Choose a wear-resistant and non-slippery surface. As for the appearance, it is necessary to build on the holistic design of the project. Get the goods from one collection or decorate both the floor and the walls with the same product. But even if you use completely different materials for all planes in the room, be sure to consider the compatibility of colors and textures.

bathroom designs 2019, fashionable bathroom design in one style

Bathroom designs 2019: trendy colors

It’s not a secret for anyone that the color has a significant influence on the mood of a person. Fashion trends of bathroom designs 2019 are aimed at achieving maximum comfort from staying in the bathroom.

The popularity of the Scandinavian trend in interior design has turned white into an indispensable tool for the transformation of a housing.

bathroom designs 2019, red bathroom design, white bathroom design

The red color in tandem with white and black gives an incredible energy message. Active, and sometimes aggressive tone influence is appropriate with wood and beige notes.

Using gray color allows you to achieve excellent results without exerting unnecessary efforts. If you want to attract bright colors and positive in your life, stop at the yellow one. Even a small accent in the form of a towel will make a very positive impression. You can go further and paint a cheerful shade accent wall or the outer side of the bath. Turquoise, beige, black, white, olive will, in this case, be a successful auxiliary scale.

bathroom designs 2019, gray bathroom design, yellow bathroom design

Fresh, marine color is one of the most suitable in bathroom trends 2019. Take into consideration that blue in combination with white, black, gray gives an ice-cold effect. For a warm effect in abundant quantities, use cream, sand, brown and gold notes.

bathroom designs 2019, blue bathroom design, green bathroom design

Bathroom designs 2019: bathroom finishing

As a rule, the walls in the bathroom are tiled. Ceramic is unconditional sales leaders and designers’ favorites for bathroom designs 2019. A wide range of choice of texture, color, size, and high moisture resistance make this tile a universal solution for finishing the space with a moist environment.

bathroom designs 2019, wall design of bathroom design 2019

Stone has no limitations in terms of operation, it is a reliable and very durable way to cover the walls. Simple care and unchanging appearance is another undeniable advantage of stone products. It looks very expensive and monumental.

Mosaic is a complementary decorative element, but is sometimes used as the main material for walls. Glass mosaic will be an excellent way of covering the shower area.

bathroom designs 2019, stylish wall design of bathroom 2019

Tile-boar is a rectangular shape, dimensionality and texture resemble brickwork. It should have resistance to moisture, chemical reagents, ease of care, compatibility with any textures, modernity, and relevance.

bathroom designs 2019, stone walls, walls with glass tiles

Glass tiles bring to the bathroom interior uniqueness, airiness, visually expanding the boundaries of space. On a smooth surface, there is practically no pore, so the material is very hygienic, it does not accumulate heavily removable soiling, and resistance to fungus formation allows the use of glass even in operating rooms.

Bathroom designs 2019: lighting and decoration

An even white ceiling is exactly what you need. Try not to overload the already small dimensions of the premises with complex structures. You can use hinged structures, but make them simple by using moisture-resistant plasterboard for bathroom designs 2019.

bathroom designs 2019, fashionable wooden floor of bathroom 2019

For some stylistic directions, the use of wooden beams is very important. An attractive option, but in this case, it makes sense to take care of minimizing the effect of steam and moisture on the material.

bathroom designs 2019, stylish decors for bathroom designs 2019

In order to decorate the bathroom space, it is appropriate to refer to the following elements: attractive towel hooks, textiles in the form of textured rugs and towels, flowers in pots and vases, frames for mirrors and even paintings, light curtains. At the same time, the decorating entourage should remain in the background, gently completing the main objects of the room.

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