Bathroom design ideas 2019: top trends and solutions for bathroom design

Bathroom is a special room. On the one hand, we spend a rather insignificant part of our time in it, on the other without this room we can’t even imagine a comfortable existence in modern world. Here we perform hygienic procedures that are an integral part of our life, and in addition, this place serves as a kind of SPA salon where you can relax by taking a contrast shower or bath with foam and aromatic oils. It is quite natural that each of us wants bathroom environment to create appropriate mood, give comfort. Fashionable bathroom design ideas 2019 is precisely aimed at meeting all these wishes.

bathroom design ideas 2019, top trends and design solutions for bathroom design

Modern bathroom design ideas 2019 don’t abandon traditional options, but there are other solutions. Firstly, often in bathroom, they didn’t install a standard bath, but a shower box or a booth. Secondly, bathroom often plays also a role of laundry, so there is a need to allocate space for washing machine.

Thirdly, if area allows, you can install additional sanitary equipment such as a bidet, or equip it with spacious bathroom, where you can soak in hot water after a busy day, and at the same time a shower booth where you can cheer up under streams of water. In large bathrooms, you can even highlight functional areas, dividing them into partitions.

bathroom design ideas 2019, tips and tricks for bathroom design 2019

Original solution used in studio apartments, especially in industrial style, is absence of a separate bathroom room. Bathtub or shower can be separated by a partition or screen, or located almost in center of room. An important requirement for modern bathroom is maximum comfort with minimal facilities. Functional plumbing, restrained decor, plenty of free space, light and air: these are requirements that we should try to fulfill.

bathroom design ideas 2019, modern trends for bathroom design 2019

Bathroom design ideas 2019: actual materials, textures for decoration

Bathroom materials must meet high-quality standards, on the other, it is necessary that bathroom finish for bathroom design ideas 2019 is fashionable and pleasing to the eye.

The most luxurious option, which will be in demand is finishing the floor and walls with natural stone, in particular, marble, which has undergone special treatment. A more democratic option is tile and porcelain tiles. Especially welcome if surface of tiles will imitate unusual textures: same stone, plaster, concrete, wood, mosaic. Original will look like a patterned bright tile or elements with photo printing.

bathroom design ideas 2019, finishing materilas for bathroom design 2019

Wood, treated with a special impregnation, protecting it from moisture, you can use in bathroom as a basic material, and for decorative finishing. It will give room warmth, make it look like a cozy sauna. Budget plastic panels are also applicable in 2019. They tolerate moisture well, and modern industry provides a wide range of colors and textures.

If you want to have something unusual in bathroom make liquid 3D floors. Mirror wall will visually increase the space, especially this is a good reception for a small bathroom.

bathroom design ideas 2019, ceiling and wall design in bathroom design ideas 2019

It is better to make a ceiling as simple as possible, even, without superfluous delights. For this purpose, stretch ceilings, or suspended ceilings made of moisture-resistant plasterboard or PVC panels, are suitable. The advantage of a stretch ceiling is that it will not suffer if neighbors flood you.

Bathroom design ideas 2019: choosing modern sanitary equipment for bathroom

Main devices in bathroom design ideas 2019 that are traditionally we use in this room are a washbasin, a shower cubicle or a bathtub, and a toilet.

Choice of color and shape depends largely on the style of room. For example, for modern stylistics, you can choose a black bath in form of a rook or hammock, and for a retro bathtub on decorative legs and a bowl in form of a round bowl.

bathroom design ideas 2019, modern sanitary equipment in bathroom design ideas 2019

In bathroom you can’t do without furniture, traditional solution is a curbstone under the sink or a hanging locker with a mirror door. It is much more interesting to complement bathroom interior with built-in storage systems, exclusive hanging open shelves, a bookcase, a tabletop made of natural stone or its imitation.

bathroom design ideas 2019, furniture trends and ideas in bathroom design 2019

Since minimalism is fashionable, furniture should be simple and concise. The most suitable materials are glass, chrome-plated metal, wood impregnated with a water-repellent compound and an antiseptic. By the way, it’s good, if wood is intentionally rough-processed and will preserve its natural texture because this is one of the trends of 2019.

bathroom design ideas 2019, trendy materials in bathroom design ideas 2019

Light in bathroom should be quite a lot. The main sources should be located on the ceiling. Additional lighting equipment must be installed near the mirror, in the washing zone. An interesting idea is a false window with illumination. It will simultaneously add both light and originality to the interior.

bathroom design ideas 2019, lighting ideas in bathroom design 2019

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