2019 bathroom trends: top trends and stylish styles in bathroom designs

It is incredible to fancy modern man’s dwelling without bathroom. Bathroom is one of the most important premises, which is functional. Here we perform hygienic and cosmetic procedures, relax in lukewarm bath or under shower at the end of day. Design of bathroom aims at making this space stylish, comfy, marvelous and modish with immolating functionality. 2019 bathroom trends recommend making choice in benefit of minimalism and simplicity. Laconism of forms replaces frilly lines and abundance of decor, which is why hi-tech style is one of favorites of this season. If you prefer some other style, don’t give up personal preferences for sake of capricious fashion.

2019 bathroom trends, bathroom trends, styles and stylish materials

Where you can be eccentric is in layout of space. Though, this creativity is only available to those whose bathrooms are large in area. In 2019 bathroom trends, it is worth attempting to allocate plumbing or pieces of furniture not at walls, but, for example, in middle of bathroom. However, new directions are also in use of finishing materials. At peak of popularity are ceramics, glass, wood and natural stone or their imitation. Lighting is also changing, instead of one main light origin, place several lighting devices that separate individual zones.

2019 bathroom trends, arrangement of bathroom interior 2019

Color solution

White color, unquestionably, plays the first fiddle in design. It visually enlarges space and underlines clarity, it’s notably stylish in bathroom designs 2019. It’s better to combine bathroom with other colors, destroying monochrome design and creating interesting combinations. Classic black and white design is hit of season. Gray color in bathroom decoration 2019 is also popular as never before. Game with gray-black-and-white gamma allows you to create unique interiors.

2019 bathroom trends, white, grey, black bathroom interior designs

An interesting technique is to dilute reserved coldness of black and white room with wood inserts. So that room will appear warmer and more comfortable. For those who choose bright hues, as an emphasis, it is better to choose one of steep natural colors: lemon, emerald, turquoise, blue, amber.

2019 bathroom trends, stylish colors in bathroom interior design

As in other premises of apartment, give preference to natural materials, they are traditional in bathroom trends 2019. Ceramics, glass, metal, stone is classic of genre in 2019 bathroom trends. Wood is also in this row. Wood or its high-quality imitation is usable in materials for wall panels, decorative elements, furniture.

2019 bathroom trends, wood and brick materials in bathroom design

Don’t be afraid that wood won’t tolerate high humidity of room. Modern moisture-repellent impregnations perfectly help to cope with this problem. Even if you use traditional tiles for facing, it’s better to choose samples with textured pattern from marble, wood and other natural materials. Tiles with coating reminiscent of worn metal, combination of large tiles with shallow or with mosaic, and tiles with moisture resistant plaster are in trend. In addition to materials mentioned, designers advice taking closer look at options for using stone.

2019 bathroom trends, stylish tiles in 2019 bathroom trends

Stone, marble, granite is quite expensive gratification. However, contemporary industry, which produces building materials, offers wide range of man-made analogs, apparently indistinguishable from original. Designers use stone for facing walls, floors, making countertops under sink. Withal to decorative stone, you can use brickwork, which forms an accent wall in bathroom. A sapid stylistic solution will be floor, covered with pebbles as if you are walking along stony beach.

2019 bathroom trends, marble and granite textures in 2019 bathroom trends

Without plumbing, of course, bathroom just can’t be. Bathtub, sink, shower are irreplaceable elements, which, as it turns out, are also affected by fashion. 2019 bathroom trends offer stylish bath of unusual shape and even color. Baths impress with their variety: round, oval, ovoid, square, in form of trapezoid. Thus, choice is bounded only by size of room and your preferences.

2019 bathroom trends, plumbing in bathroom interior design 2019

Choosing non-standard bath, you should also worry about sink, its shape and color should be in harmony with bathroom. Functionality of plumbing is also impressive if there is sufficient amount of house space you can practically arrange a spa. In short, trends of 2019 allow you to create indeed sumptuous comfy bathroom in which every minute spent will seem like in paradise.

2019 bathroom trends, arrangement tips for bathroom design 2019

Small decorative objects and accents give charm not only to residential space. Favorite accessories and masterfully arranged accents will turn bathroom into an individual comfort zone. At the same time for your imagination there are almost no limits!

Even cursory look at stylish photos of modern ideas in 2019 bathroom trends confirms undeniable influence of Scandinavian minimalism on design methods. Magnificent optimization of space, simplified decorative part sacrificed to practicality. General atmosphere of orderliness and tranquility makes it possible to declare minimalism one of the most popular styles of design.

2019 bathroom trends, Scandinavian style in bathroom designs 2019

Also in 2019, we recommend paying attention to loft style. If you have spacious house and size of your bathroom allows, you can realize the most extraordinary creative ideas. If you think that plaster and careless brickwork don’t fit well with functional components of bathrooms, then you are seriously mistaken. Visiting card of loft style was emphasized with industrialism in every detail of interior.

2019 bathroom trends, loft style in bathroom trends 2019

But what about those who prefer vintage lockers, floral prints, ivory tiles? The old good classic, Provence remain in past? Of course, these styles of design can hardly be attributed to basic design trends in bathroom designs 2019. However, if classic interior fits perfectly into your vision of perfect bathroom and meets all your aesthetic requirements, then boldly decorate room, guided by your taste. Otherwise, you will never be able to relax and enjoy shower or richly bubbled foam bath.

2019 bathroom trends, Provence style in bathroom trends 2019

We hope our tips and offered techniques helped to imagine your favorite bathroom design.

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